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prior to the okpo factor, i was forewarned that there would be a number of things about this year that could be perceived as difficult. the most common theme from these surprise ruiners?

the bummer of missing those westernized (or more specifically, canadiana) holidays.

having only realized via status updates on the book that thanksgiving weekend was this weekend, it became a personal mission to ensure that i did not feel all sad faced about this long weekend coming…and going without any sort of tryptophan-induced coma. (side note: since i am a vegetable, the whole trypto coma would not really be possible but i mean come on, what kind of thanksgiving discussion would this be without some mention of one of our favourite top 10 essential amino acids?)  

so with that, we were off to busan in hopes of “asia’s best international film festival,” finding a replacement toque (so long lil’ gray!), and maybe even running into another canadiana or two wallowing in a can of pumpkin pie filling.

all hopes (and motivation) were dashed as i found myself yakking up my prepackaged bean bun on the ferry ride (slash vicious roller coaster) over to the b. those 50 minutes were spent white-faced, miserable, and jealous of all the korean passengers who could peacefully hit the snooze button as the boat steered directly into every single one of the tsunami-esque waves.

even though the yaks threw me off for the rest of the day, it also became an excuse to immediately refuel once we stepped onto mainland territory. 

after only coming up for air to retain free department store gifts, tb and myself searched for more fuel at a chain vegan restaurant. the meal was incredibly exciting as i felt the foreign feeling of feeling ‘full’…. a feeling i have not felt since i became a foreigner. (daily ‘f’ quota: successful.)

fearing the onset of gastroenteritis, we opted for the 5 hour bus ride back to the factor….and in the end, we didn’t even find a pumpkin-pied canadian.
traditionally, thanksgivings were spent crammed at the fam’s relatively large cottage. currently, thanksgiving was spent crammed at my relatively miniature apartment.

my coping strategies in both scenarios? sunset hikes and roadside bouquets.



however, there were some adjustments to this year’s actual thanksgiving dinner. unlike in the past, this year  included an american vancouverite and a tofu/bean sprout stew. the real icing (figuratively and literally) were the three courses of desserts scattered about okpo. with an early escape from tb, vancouver-america and i gorged on something that tasted like peanut butter cream on peanut butter….topped with peanuts. (you know what they say, one person’s body bag is another person’s binge eating massacre).

and when all is said and done, this year i am thankful for the feeling that this is exactly where i should be. and this is exactly the kind of thanksgiving that i should have. 


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