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with the awful nautical disasters happening in japan, all of my mundane musings seem wildly insignificant (and that much more mundane).

normally a st. patrick’s day would leave me giddingly bouncing around and counting down the hours until consumption starts.

but those words can wait for now.

instead, let’s send a little luck across to japan. i think they could use it.



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so first is first. im not an american. nor am i that much of a vegan.  however, i foolishly have this deep belief that if you combine two things that are fiction…they sometimes become fact (or something along those lines). this theory has been proven successful in the past when at one time, i mistakenly considered myself an educated social worker.  

if the night of the almost vegan almost american thanksgiving dinner was any indication, the okpo factor remains completely unaffected by the “activities” (again, heightened strife) that is taking place with the USS George Washington. who knows what kind of media paranoia is being brewed up by those trusted “frontline” outlets on the other side of the globe but here in the ‘po, it’s all gravy (of the animal-free variety, of course).

as pals passed around the maple syrup (completely unrelated to thanksgiving…or america for that matter, but by all means, still essential to any harvest-related meal), you would never believe that south korea is “inching closer to the brink of war” (as reported by CBC in canada) or that the artillery attack “is a dangerous provocation that must be condemed”  (as reported by the japan times). but if the recent flood of emails from distance relatives is taken as evidence, international media is still doing its part to toss around as many war-laden terms as possible in its 30-second segment on asian news.


as for me, i’m keeping my news intake local, just like my almost vegan almost american thanksgiving dinner.

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