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i wrote about having a non-kitchen before. and as much as i complained about it, i kind of quite liked it. it was challenging, and frustrating, and produced laughably small electricity and gas bills.

and then tb did this…

do you see it?!

a ballin’ convection oven.

that’s right.

so in true younger sibling fashion, i promptly started scheming and creating ridiculous bake-offs that would deem one person the coveted label of best-person-to-create-something-out-of-a-23-by-25-heated-appliance.

to set the vivid battle (i mean, baking) scene, it was kind of like north and south korea traded their army gear for oven mitts, set aside their nuclear missiles for spatulas, and created a mass shortage of nutmeg and cinnamon in the baking aisles of their respective foreign food marts.

i’m not too sure who was north or south, but here’s what went down…

appealing to the non-diabetic sufferers of the world, i made a straight-up bowl of sugar.

i called them “chocolate chip cookies.” but really, all sugar.

(one point for ambiguous korea).

and in the other corner (you know, the less aggressive one), tb ventured for the classic oatmeal something cookie packed with nutritional facts and probably some sort of ingredient that lowers your chances of cancer, high cholesterol, death, and sunburn. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

both batches produced a ton of unflattering “mmmmms,” grunts, and gasps for air because as any cookie-eater can attest, it was just too difficult to breathe AND scarf down delicious goodies simultaneously.

and in the end, we couldn’t decide a winner. wait, yes we did.

combining these two delicious goodies into one hybrid ball of sugar (and cancer-fight agents) was an absolute no-brainer. i’m actually pretty pissed at us for not thinking of it sooner. dear kim jong-il, please take notes.

so if you’re racking your brain as to why i wrote practically nothing in february and still have not really written about the phillipines (injuries aside) or even taiwan (i promise i’ll write soon, taipei!) then now you have your reason….

it’s because i’m currently trying to solve the situation between the two koreas.

and it may or may not include cupcakes.


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so first is first. im not an american. nor am i that much of a vegan.  however, i foolishly have this deep belief that if you combine two things that are fiction…they sometimes become fact (or something along those lines). this theory has been proven successful in the past when at one time, i mistakenly considered myself an educated social worker.  

if the night of the almost vegan almost american thanksgiving dinner was any indication, the okpo factor remains completely unaffected by the “activities” (again, heightened strife) that is taking place with the USS George Washington. who knows what kind of media paranoia is being brewed up by those trusted “frontline” outlets on the other side of the globe but here in the ‘po, it’s all gravy (of the animal-free variety, of course).

as pals passed around the maple syrup (completely unrelated to thanksgiving…or america for that matter, but by all means, still essential to any harvest-related meal), you would never believe that south korea is “inching closer to the brink of war” (as reported by CBC in canada) or that the artillery attack “is a dangerous provocation that must be condemed”  (as reported by the japan times). but if the recent flood of emails from distance relatives is taken as evidence, international media is still doing its part to toss around as many war-laden terms as possible in its 30-second segment on asian news.


as for me, i’m keeping my news intake local, just like my almost vegan almost american thanksgiving dinner.

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